New Yawk

Homemade Vanilla Cake and Vanilla Buttercream frosting

Hello Domo


Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate ganache and some sprankle spankles!
Glare kinda kills it...I need a better camera...but still delicious looking nonetheless

Zebra print

Red Velvet

Red Velvet cupcakes made from scratch.
Started decorating some with fondant.


Adam Bomb

All-fondant cake of the Hundreds' Adam Bomb.

I brought the sweets, the boys brought the drinks. Good deal.

Thank You Cake

An order for the Kaiser nurses that took care of her and her cutie preemie baby.


I love my fatboys!

My cousin turned 21 a little after Alice in Wonderland came out. Decided to commemorate the awesome time we had at the theatres with this cake.
Well, almost everyone had an awesome time. Coldstone's ice cream sandwiches had another plan for me.
ugh...no comment.
Roses were made with fondant and gumpaste.

The pic is a little small, but I added a mini bottle of Remy...don't think it made her grow tall like Alice, but it served its purpose.