New Yawk

Homemade Vanilla Cake and Vanilla Buttercream frosting

Hello Domo


Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate ganache and some sprankle spankles!
Glare kinda kills it...I need a better camera...but still delicious looking nonetheless

Zebra print

Red Velvet

Red Velvet cupcakes made from scratch.
Started decorating some with fondant.


Adam Bomb

All-fondant cake of the Hundreds' Adam Bomb.

I brought the sweets, the boys brought the drinks. Good deal.

Thank You Cake

An order for the Kaiser nurses that took care of her and her cutie preemie baby.


I love my fatboys!

My cousin turned 21 a little after Alice in Wonderland came out. Decided to commemorate the awesome time we had at the theatres with this cake.
Well, almost everyone had an awesome time. Coldstone's ice cream sandwiches had another plan for me.
ugh...no comment.
Roses were made with fondant and gumpaste.

The pic is a little small, but I added a mini bottle of Remy...don't think it made her grow tall like Alice, but it served its purpose.

Where my Portuguese at?

"Tu tange cagar?"

That's the only Portuguese phrase I really remember...I doubt I spelled it correctly. It is loosely translated into...Do you have to sh*t. Thanks to my Portuguese co-workers for teaching me that very important phrase...I'll be sure to use it if I'm lucky enough to visit the country.

Made this cake for a friend's father. It's the logo of the Portuguese Benfica soccer team.

All the details on the eagle were done by hand and was super tedious; I wanted it to be exact...I think it turned out well.
- Ciao meus amores

Mama & Papa Bear

Cake I made for the bf this past Valentine's Day.
Bears were made using gumpaste.

O-Em-Gee, Tokidoki!

That's right ladies...Tokidoki cupcakes...

Made these bad boys for a friend's baby shower.

She then ordered more for her baby's welcome home party...
I think I had a nightmare about the moofia that night.

San Jose Lovin'

Being from the land of the shark tank, it was only a matter of time before I made a Sharks cake... Hopefully they don't choke and we can make it to the 'ship...I hope they do because maybe my property value will increase. holla.

I made another version of this cake for my boy's birthday. He's an island boy, so I threw in some hibiscus flowers on the side. The cake was strawberry with vanilla frosting and shaved coconut per his request.



Suga Suga

You could almost feel the grains of cinnamon sugar goodness through your computer screen.

Polka Dot

Egg-Free Giant Cupcake

Babygirl had an allergic reaction after eating some scrambled eggs. =(
So just to be safe, I used an egg-substitute in the recipe.
Once again, fondant was used for everything.
My favorite part was the sprinkles of course...

Birthday Present for my Mama!

Yellow cake w/ milk chocolate frosting

My Little Pony

I guess every 5-year-old girl's favorite toy is My Little Pony?
2 separate orders...
Everything made with fondant.
Pony itself is also cake covered with fondant.

My Little Pony v.01

My Little Pony v.02

Fresh Strawberry Filling w/ Cream Cheese Frosting


It all started with....

...this cake. My first venture into the world of fondant and custom cakes.

It was a simple 2-D Hello Kitty cake with made with all the love an older sister could give...Everything is made with fondant. Gotta love the cute sparkly candles